Upper Avon River Restoration Project

Aims of Project

 A scoping study was commissioned in 2013, to identify, appraise and design river restoration options for the main stem of the River Avon in its upper reaches. Following a hydro-geomorphological field study and modelling exercise, a number of restoration suggestions were made for implementation at specific locations along the upper reaches of the river.

Working with local landowners and the Slamannan Angling Improvement Association who have previously carried work out in the area the Trust will continue to improve the river and aim to restore it where possible.

The trust will:

  • Undertake liaison with local landowners in conjunction with SAPA, SAPA and SEPA to get consent for the work.
  • Commission site investigations and detailed design of each suggested improvement
  • Tendering of design works from external consultants and managing the consultants
  • Tendering of contract works and managing the contracts
  • Organising smaller scale community led projects where applicable including habitat restoration works
  • Undertaking talks to community groups and schools on the project and the benefits of the work to their local river.

Who’s involved?

  • Landowners
  • Falkirk Council
  • RAF
  • SAPA

What’s happening?

Heritage Lottery Fund has awarded the Trust money to develop the project further throughout 2015. The Trust will scope and design the works with funding found through the Water Environment Fund to carry out works in the future.

With thanks to our funder’s