Riverfly Monitoring Project

River Fly Partnership Coordination

Whilst the Trust undertakes formal monitoring of the rivers by means of electro fishing, the rivers and the improvements can be monitored by local groups using a technique called kicksampling.  Some angling groups already have some members trained but there is a lack of coordination since the initial training and centralised place in which to up load the data to.

During the delivery phase the Trust will:

  • Coordinate the existing trained volunteers on the two rivers.
  • Arrange for training by the riverfly partnership for additional volunteers to be trained including extending the training to groups outside the angling community.
  • Provide equipment for the training and for issue to the volunteers
  • Liaise with SEPA on monitoring locations and baseline data.
  • Develop a centralise web based reporting site for the volunteers (with access for SEPA to be able to monitor results)
  • Run an education programme with local primary schools.
  • Undertaking talks to community groups on the project and the benefits of the work.


  • Landowners
  • Local angling groups
  • Other local community groups

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