The River Forth Fisheries Trust is changing

A new chapter in the Trust’s life opens as we change our name to the Forth Rivers Trust and update our logo.

Over the past few months many of the staff at the Trust have been consulting with project partners, stakeholders and members of the public to determine if people understood what the Trust does. It became clear that some were confused by the name.

It was decided that to continue to develop the Trust and make sure it is an organisation which can tackle the issues rivers face in the Forth, a name change, and upgrade of the logo was needed to properly engage with the wide audiences we work with. Our core objectives have been modernised as well to reflect the diverse range of projects we lead on. Don’t worry though, the Forth Rivers Trust will still carry out the same role as the River Forth Fisheries Trust with all of the previous core objectives being incorporated in our new ones. Our vision statement and core objectives for the Forth Rivers Trust can be seen below:

Forth Rivers Trust Vision Statement
The water, land and freshwater habitats in the Forth area are under increasing pressure. The Forth Rivers Trusts works in collaboration with others to conserve, maintain and improve the quality of these environments bringing benefits to both people and wildlife. To achieve this aim the FRT will:

  1. Engage with others and make connections which supports the physical improvement and awareness of the freshwater environment (locally, regionally and nationally);
  2. Provide an impartial ecosystem science based approach to river catchment management;
  3. Gather, maintain and communicate relevant information, providing advice, guidance and support on relevant ecological and conservation matters;
  4. Providing training and learning programmes which supports the Trust and others to undertake improvements to aligned with the Trust’s delivery plans; and
  5. Deliver scientifically robust, deliverable and sustainable solutions to mitigate the many issues faced by the rivers draining into the Forth Estuary.

Core objectives


  • Provide a voice for rivers at a national, regional and local scale whilst promoting sustainable catchment management to all users of rivers in the Forth System.


  • Promote and protect all wildlife which use rivers to thrive.


  • Engage communities with all aspects of rivers and their wildlife through a range of activities and learning opportunities to promote the sustainable use of rivers.


  • Provide robust scientific evidence relating to rivers and the wildlife they hold to inform policy, target restoration projects and engage communities.

Over the next few months, Trust staff will be working hard to make the change over as smooth as possible. You may start to notice a few changes as we progress such as a new website, changed social media and the roll out of our new logo. We will keep everyone updated of our progress as things advance.

If you have any questions about the new changes please do get in touch by either emailing us on or calling the office on 0131 445 1527.

In the mean time, here is our new logo

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