Alison Baker – Catchment Manager

Alison has been the Catchment Manager for the Trust since January 2015. She has an MSc in Environmental Management together with over 20 years of Project Management experience. She has a particular interest in River Basin Management Planning and in river engineering issues. Alison was previously involved in the Trust’s Forth Invasives Non Natives Species Programme and has since been actively involved in the wide ranging barriers and morphology projects. Alison is a keen angler and has been involved in her local river.




Dr Joanna Girvan – Senior Biologist

Dr Joanna Girvan

Joanna has a PhD in aquatic ecology and a BSc in zoology from the University of Edinburgh. In a career spanning ten years, she has worked in both the private and public sectors as a freshwater ecologist, with particular focus on catchment management, river restoration and habitat and protected species survey. She also spent five years as a research fellow in limnology at the Queen’s University of Belfast and the Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute in Northern Ireland. Jo heads up the research and monitoring of fresh water fish populations within the Trust. She site-coordinates local, district and national applications to the work of the Trust. 



Jonathan Louis –  Project Development Officer

 Jonathan joined the Trust in February 2013 as project officer for the Forth Invasive Non-Native Species Programme. Since December 2014, Jonathan has taken up a new role within the Trust to develop ideas and projects along with submitting funding bids to implement projects.  He gained his HNC/HND in Countryside Management from Oatridge Agricultural College (now SRUC) followed by a BSc (hons) in Sustainable Environmental Management from Edinburgh University. Jonathan also undertakes much of the community engagement activities for the Trust. If you are landowner, individual, community group or other organisation who would like to develop ideas and projects alongside the Trust, please get in touch with Jonathan.


 Lawrence Belleni –  Project Officer: Allan Water Improvement ProjectP1010618

Lawrence has a BSc (Hons) and an MRes in Marine & Freshwater Ecology and Environmental Management from the University of Glasgow. He is delivering catchment-scale improvement objectives to the Allan Water catchment. His work has involved extensive landowner/landmanager engagement, habitat surveying, native woodland creation, habitat restoration, river restoration, land management practices and fish access improvements. As part of his work, Lawrence acts in the capacity of agent to landowners wishing to apply for Scottish Rural Development Grants. 




Sylvian Barry – Biologist

Sylvian has an MA in Catchment Management from the University of Lyon (France). He worked mostly in the public sector as technician in catchment management for a council. He also spent a year as Freshwater Ecologist for the French equivalent of a fisheries trust. Sylvian is a keen angler and works with proprietors, angling clubs and other fishermen providing training and information on fish species, undertaking scale readings, fish handling, etc.  He is currently a member of the Cramond Angling Club and Musselburgh District Angling Association.  





Nim Kibbler – RiverLife: Almond & Avon Community Engagement Officer

Nim joined the RiverLife team on a part time basis as community engagement in March 2018. She is currently an undergraduate student in Environmental Management at SRUC/University of Edinburgh, in her final years.

Nim enjoys working on a catchment scale and learning to read the rivers as they tell so much about the use of the land, the wildlife that live in and around them and the communities that settle and grow on their banks. She is fascinated by the rich history of the Almond and Avon, which is inclusive of natural and cultural heritage – these rivers have nearly seen it all over the last 2+ centuries and the communities that have used the rivers for an ever-changing array of needs (power, drinking, cleaning, transport, sport and amenity) are a testament to adaptability. Nim looks forward to assisting communities to make the most of their river environments and assisting the restoration of the rivers to enable communities of other species to use them too.


Amy Fergusson – RiverLife: Almond & Avon Volunteer Coordinator

Amy has a BSc (Hons) in animal biology from Edinburgh Napier University and has been working at River Forth Fisheries Trust since August 2015. Prior to this she worked at the Nith Catchment Fishery Trust on a summer seasonal basis between the years of 2011 and 2015. Within the trust network her role has been primarily working on Invasive Non-Native Species projects. Amy also delivers other trust activities such as electrofishing, developing learning opportunities and delivering the Fish in the Classroom project in schools around the District. Through this project, she undertakes the role of educating school pupils in the life cycle of fish. Amy has experience in activities ranging from invasives species control to volunteer group management as well as organising formal and informal training of volunteers in pesticide application and invasive species identification and control. Amy is the volunteer coordinator for RiverLife: Almond & Avon Project and will be leading volunteer work parties and providing training throughout the project.


Scott Robertson – Capital Projects Manager: RiverLife Almond & Avon

Scott has an MA(hons) and Dip Arch from Edinburgh University, he is a chartered architect and building engineer and member of several professional bodies. With over 30 years of experience in the private and public sectors, including several as director of his own consultancy, he has worked as an architect, client procurement advisor, as major capital projects advisor for the NGS and has overseen capital projects with values up to £100m.  He specialises now in construction project management, including feasibility studies, specialist reports, procurement and contract administration, particularly in the areas of renewable energy, civils and structural projects, as well as IT and client change management.  Within the Riverlife project, he will be supporting the team looking after the procurement and appointment of consultants and contractors, liaising with funders, local authorities and other stakeholders and monitoring progress and reporting.


Luke Park – Project Officer: RiverLife Almond & Avon

Luke joined the trust in March 2017.  He has a BSc (Hons) in Horticulture with Plantsmanship from the University of Glasgow in partnership with Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC) and the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh (RBGE). He has 4 years’ experience of professional horticulture and 1 years’ experience of practical conservation as a mountain footpath builder. Luke is also a keen angler. Luke will be assisting the RiverLife team to deliver projects on the ground along with engaging communities with their local rivers. Luke will also be assisting the Trust biologist team to monitor the Almond & Avon catchment. 




Amelia Heath – Office & Finance Manager

Amelia comes from a background of administration and research, with over 5 years’ experience managing busy office environments.  Sustainability and conservation are two things she is very passionate about.  Amelia has worked for Carbon Forecast, a small Carbon Consultancy, since January 2015 assisting on projects related to climate change assessment for EIA and energy data statistics, public sector Carbon Management Plans and the development of tools used to model resource use and carbon emissions.  She also has a background as a Postgraduate researcher with specialisation in International Relations Theory.  Amelia will be supporting the RiverLife team as well as assisting the Trust as Office and Finance Manager.