Upper Avon Riparian Restoration project

Aims of the project

Slamannan Angling Protection Association (SAPA) have been engaged in a long term project on the Slamannan Plateau to carry out in-stream works to restore and improve the river Avon which has been straightened and drained in the past for agriculture. The improvement works that have been carried out so far have enhanced river habitat for fish and other wildlife.  This work has already significantly improved the habitat for fish and aquatic wildlife in the area but there are still improvement works to be done.

The Trust now wishes to undertake riparian habitat work in conjunction with SAPA to protect this investment  and to prevent diffuse pollution, erosion and create a continuity of habitat linking this stretch to the rest of the river.  To achieve this it is necessary to install a ‘buffer’ zone along the length of this stretch of river.  This requires the installation of stock proof fencing, trees, shrubs and other native planting as well as a management mechanism to ensure continuance of biodiversity and good riparian habitat.

The majority of this work would be undertaken by local volunteers however there is required capital investment in fencing and plants.

The trust will:

  • Undertake liaison with local landowners in conjunction with SAPA to get consent for this work.
  • Tendering of fencing works and manage the installation
  • Develop with SAPA a planting scheme and purchase the trees and plants required.
  • Work with SAPA on helping with volunteers required to complete the works
  • Agree a maintenance regime with SAPA and other local community groups.
  • Undertaking talks to community groups and schools on the project and the benefits of the work.


  • Landowners
  • SAPA
  • Other local community groups

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