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Scottish Salmon and Sea Trout Catches 2008 (FRS)

Automatic Salmon Counters

Catch and Release: A guide to Best Practise

Diagnosis of Infectious Salmon Anaemia (ISA) (FRS)

How Groundwater Can Affect the Survival Rate of Salmon Eggs (FRS)

How River Flow Affects Rod Catches of Atanltic Salmon (FRS)

Local Populations Determine the Seasonal Charactistics of the Salmon Fisheries (FRS)

Marine Mortality in Atlantic Salmon (FRS)

Red Vent Syndrome (RVS) in Wild Atlantic Salmon (FRS)

Redd Counting: A Measure of Spawner Abundance (FRS)

Sea Lice (FRS)

A Multi-disciplinary Approach to Sea Lice Research (FRS)

Signal crayfish – an unwelcome addition to Scottish streams (FRS)

Scotland’s Freshwater Fish Populations: Stocking, Genetics and Broodstock Management (FRS)

Catches of Summer and Autumn Salmon in Scotland (FRS)

The Changing Abundance of Spring Salmon (FRS)

The Influence of Genetics on Run Timing in Salmon:Implications for Fishery Managers (FRS)

Trends in Spawning for Spring Salmon Populations (FRS)

Water Quality in Salmon Spawning Gravels (FRS)

Why Your Catch Data are Important (FRS)

Environmental Impacts of Fish Farming (FRS)

Freshwater Laboratory (FRS)

Keep Fish Diseases Out (FRS)

Relocation of naturally soawned salmonid ova (FRS)

Salmon and Sea Trout: To Stock or Not? (FRS)

The Use of DNA to investigate the Occurence of Salmon and Sea Trout in the Diet of Seals (FRS)

What Salmon Smell: the importance of Clean Rivers (FRS)

Decline & Recovery of Salmon in the Central Belt of Scotland (FRS)

Grayling (FRS)

Infectious Salmon Anaemia (ISA) (FRS)

Red Mark Syndrone (FRS)

Habitat Assessment and Survey of Lamprey Populations occuring in Areas of Conservation Interest (FRS)

Balancing The Conservation of Seals and Salmon In Scotland (FRS)

Rotary Screw Traps in Scotland (FRS)

Research Requirements for Atlantic Salmon, Sea Trout and European Eel in the Context of Offshore Renewables (Marine Scotland Science Report 05/13)