25% of Scotlands polulation live within the Forth District and there areĀ a number of industries using the water and operating next to rivers, water quality issues therefore crop up from time to time. The Trust, when requested, responds to pollution incidents at the request of SEPA to monitor the impact of these incidents on the rivers.

Pollution in rivers can look different depending on what is polluting the water. Common signs of pollution are:

  • Unusual discolouring of the water
  • Strange odours coming from the water
  • Large amounts of froth
  • Dead fish
  • Oily films on the surface of the water

If you spot pollution in a river it is vital that you report it to the Scottish Environment Protection Agency via their pollution hotline 0800 80 70 60

Feel free to drop us an email too via trust@fishforth.co.uk ** always contact SEPA first**