Monitoring of each project will be carried out before each project to establish a baseline view of what it originally looked like and what it looks like now. It is important to monitor projects so we can track the improvements each project is having on the river.


Electrofishing will be carried out by the Trust with the help of volunteers to monitor fish before and after each project. The monitoring will be carried out by the Trust biologist and each project will have a predefined monitoring programme to make sure scientific data is collected and it will show any improvements each year.

Invertebrate sampling

Kick sampling will be promoted throughout each catchment to try and encourage members of the community to help monitor their local river. Kick sampling for Invertebrates will build up a picture on how the river is improving each year after the works have been completed. This survey method will also highlight any water quality issues that may be present long term or even short term. If pollution is having an impact on the river long term or short then this will be highlighted to SEPA.

UAV Drone monitoring

Unmanned aerial vehicle drones will be used to capture up to date aerial images of project sites where possible. This monitoring will help us track a visual change in the river and watch how it improves over the years.

Invasive Species Monitoring

Invasive species monitoring is important to make sure they do not continue to spread along our watercourses. Volunteers and members of the public are encouraged to report any invasive species sighting to us via our online reporting website


If you would like to help monitor any of our projects or rivers throughout the Forth District please contact the trust via email at

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