Killandean Burn Blue/Green Network Project

Aims of the project

Entering the River Almond in Livingston, the Killandean is one of the rivers main tributaries in West Lothian. The tributary has been badly impacted by point source and diffuse pollution. Work is required to create buffer zones along the river to prevent this pollution from residential, industrial and agricultural sources directly entering into the burn, degrading it for aquatic wildlife.  The burn is also a natural link between Livingston and Polbeth (an ex-mining community) to the south and heavily used by the communities along it for recreation.

The project would create a blue/green network from Polbeth to Livingston along the river associated with the river corridor, which could be developed and used both as a cycleway or footpath network, strengthening links between Livingston and Polbeth.

Through the Almond/Avon Reconnection Programme’s development stage we will:

  • Undertake ground investigations and surveys to establish the exact route for the path and buffer zones.
  • Scope out what river restoration should take place to improve it for people and wildlife
  • Make the appropriate applications to local authority and SEPA for scoping and design works.
  • Liaise with Sustrans/ ramblers etc. on how to improve the path network
  • Liaise with local groups in Polbeth and along the route to engage them with their local river.
  • Gain funding for improvement works for the river, buffer zones and path network.
  • Manage the works on site (Delivery phase)

Who’s involved?

  • Landowners
  • West Lothian Council
  • Community Council’s
  • Community groups

What’s happening?

Funding for a development phase has been awarded by the Heritage Lottery Fund for 2015. During this phase all the scoping and design works will be completed along with initial surveys of the sub-catchment. Stakeholder engagement will also start during the development phase to access local knowledge of the area. Once scoping, design and stakeholder engagement has been completed funding will be found to carry out river improvement works for diffuse and point source pollution along with any morphological improvements needed. Paths, signage and access to the river will be improved for people that wish to use the Killandean Greenway.

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