Gogar Burn Reconnection Project

*** Due to difficulties with obtaining funding for the design works we have reluctantly had to make the decision to remove this project from the overall programme of works. Discussions are still going on with SEPA Water Environment Fund to see what other options are available to undertake this important piece of work. ***

Aim of Project

The Gogar Burn is a tributary of the River Almond which runs from its confluence near to the Airport passed the RBS Headquarters and Edinburgh Park to Kirknewton.  It has been heavily affected by man-made alterations which has led to two large sections of the river being culverted for over 200m each.  One is under the runway at the airport (which is subject to ongoing discussions between the airport and SEPA) and the other at Edinburgh Park.

The developers of Edinburgh Park extended the culverts taking the burn under the by-pass and under the office park so that it does not appear on the east side of the bypass at all.  Although the developers obviously saw the benefits of water as part of the environment as they installed Loch Ross over the top which is completely unconnected with the natural river which they decided to hide and now runs under their man-made loch now.

The Gogar Burn provides a corridor for wildlife networks in this part of Edinburgh but the underground sections of river prevent continuity.  As part of the works to re-route the burn we believe that there is an opportunity to create a blue/green link between Edinburgh Park and Gogar burn, providing not only a linkage for wildlife by means of  the water course and wetland but also to include paths and cycle ways linking businesses to communities.  The scheme would include woodland, wetland planting, paths and interpretation installation.  There is already an underpass from Edinburgh Park and a right of way over the area which would be enhanced through the project. Additionally the area of the proposed new route is adjacent to an ancient woodland and these works would help preserve this important habitat.

A Number of schemes have been put forward in the past to divert this section of the burn at Edinburgh Park and the work has the backing of SEPA.  The Trust will pursue these proposals and undertake the following:

  • Commission a scoping study to update the existing information (which predates some major interventions in the area including the trams)
  • Commission site investigations and detailed design
  • Tendering of design works from external consultants and managing the consultants
  • Tendering of contract works and managing the contracts
  • Organising smaller scale community led projects where applicable including habitat restoration works
  • Undertaking talks to community groups and schools on the project and the benefits of the work.
  • Work with stakeholders in the area.

Who’s involved?

  • Landowner
  • City of Edinburgh Council
  • Local Businesses
  • Community Council

What’s happening?

Heritage Lottery Fund has awarded the Trust money to carry out a development phase during 2015 to fulfill all the scoping and design works along with stakeholder engagement for the site. Once the scoping and design works have been completed then the Trust will find funding for the delivery phase.

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