Dollar Weir Fish Pass Improvement Project

The Trust has recently completed improvement works on an old fish pass on the weir at Dollar on the River Devon. The original structure was constructed around the 1970’s, and while partially passable under some river flows, was not very efficient at allowing fish to pass. This meant that the high quality spawning and juvenile habitat present upstream, particularly on the Dollar Burn, was not being fully utilised by reproducing salmon and sea trout. In addition, while fish were waiting below the weir for suitable flows, they were at much higher risk of poaching.
In a project funded by Scottish Water, Clackmannanshire and Stirling Environment Trust and the Devon Angling Association, the Trust planned and carried out improvements on the fish pass to increase its efficiency. Fish pass experts at Stirling University’s Centre for River EcoSystem Science were consulted to determine what improvements could feasibly be made to the fish pass within our constrained budget. A plan was then developed to increase the depth of the boxes by craning precast concrete units into place on top of each wall, and to reseal the leaky bases of each box.

The works are now complete, and a much more efficient looking fish pass is now ready for when the fish begin to run. The Trust has already collected a large amount of baseline electrofishing data and will continue to monitor the fish community for several years to quantify the expected improvement in migratory salmonid productivity.

Thanks to Murdo McKenzie Ltd for their efficient construction.

This project was funded by Clackmannanshire and Stirling Environment Trust & Scottish Water.

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