Bathgate Water Restoration Project

Aim of the Project

The Boghead Burn together with the Couston Water, Logie Water and the Bogburn make up the Bathgate Water which is a tributary of the River Avon that runs from the confluence with the Avon through the neighbourhoods of Bathgate.  The tributary is upstream of Westfield Weir which is currently impassable but subject to a commitment by a local development to be made passable.

The Boghead Burn has been seriously downgraded and requires a lot of improvement works to bring it up to a suitable standard for wildlife and migratory fish. The easing of Westfield Weir will allow fish of all species including Atlantic salmon to access the burn however currently the habitat is generally poor and would not encourage spawning.  The Trust have been working with SEPA, West Lothian Council and River Avon Federation to formulate a programme of works to improve the habitat of the water body, natural flood management and access and amenity to the burn. A scoping study has been carried out to highlight the key areas that need to be improved and what needs to be done to improve the river.

The Trust has applied to SEPA WEF for funding for a scoping study to inform us what needs to be done.  It is anticipated that following the preparation of this report that the Trust will be able to categorise the works required and develop a programme of works to restore this watercourse for people and wildlife.  It is anticipated that this programme will involve:

  • Bankside habitat improvements in the riparian zone along the edge of the river
  • In-stream river restoration to improve the river for wildlife
  • Tree planting
  • Improvement to paths/cycleway
  • Information boards and signage to engage the community
  • Raising awareness events and stakeholder meetings
  • Training and equipment for volunteers

Who’s Involved?

  • West Lothian Council
  • River Avon Federation
  • Community Councils
  • Community Groups
  • Landowners

What’s happening?

Proposed designs have now been produced by the Trust’s consultants (JBA). Please see the following documents to view outline designs for the Bathgate Water Restoration Project and associated upgrades to the local community greenspace within Bathgate. If successful with funding the project will potentially commence mid 2017 (***subject to change***)

Bathgate – Key Plan for Birds Eye site locations

Bathgate – Sketch Iso – Zone 1 – Meadow Park

Bathgate – Sketch Iso – Zone 2 MeadowPark Road Site

Bathgate – Birds Eye Zone 3 – Wester Inch

Bathgate – Sketch Plan Full Site Outline

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To view the boards which were on display at the Bathgate Partnership Centre click River Forth Fisheries Trust – Presentation Boards All


Bathgate Water Restoration Project Scoping Study


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