River Forth Fisheries Trust
The River Forth Fisheries Trust (RFFT or the Trust) was established in 2009 to advance, for the public benefit, the environmental protection and improvement of all rivers which enter the Forth Estuary and the Firth of Forth by conserving, maintaining and restoring freshwater habitats and the native species of freshwater fish which utilise those habitats. In addition, the Trust serves to advance the public awareness of the River Forth District by:

Forth District Catchment

Forth District Catchment – Click on the map for more information on each catchment

      • Providing an impartial ecosystem science based approach to river catchment management in the Forth District;
      • Gathering, maintaining and managing relevant information, and using this to provide advice and guidance on relevant ecological and conservation matters;
      • Developing awareness of the freshwater environment by engaging with local communities, river users, riparian owners and regulatory agencies;
      • Providing training and educational programmes aligned with the Trust’s delivery plans; and
      • Delivering scientifically robust, deliverable and sustainable solutions to mitigate the many issues faced by the rivers draining into the Forth Estuary.

The Trust is the fourth largest Fisheries Trust in Scotland with 12 river systems covering a diverse range land uses which historically and currently have an impact on the river characteristics and issues which the Trust aims to address in conjunction with the Forth District Salmon Fishery Board, Local Authorities, NGO’s and local stakeholders.