The River Tyne rises to the west of Pencaitland and flows in an easterly direction towards Haddington. Water quality appears slightly diminished at Pencaitland due to effluent from the malt works. The Humbie Water is a very attractive stream with pristine water and ample gravel areas and deeper pools.

Downstream of the confluence with the Humbie Water the Tyne is about 12m wide and exhibits ample pools and gravels and just west of Haddington the river is joined by the Colstoun Water which is a fairly substantial tributary.

West Mills Weir at Haddington is a fairly substantial obstruction at low flows as most of the water is diverted through a lade about 1km long leaving insufficient water for fish to pass. Haddington Weir just downstream is similar to the one West Mills, although fish can possibly pass in most water conditions. At the golf course there is a substantial weir known as the Cascades and improvements were carried out there in 2005 by East Lothian Council which will hopefully improve access. There is a weir at Sandy’s Mill which is typical of those on the Tyne and it has a fairly lengthy lade on which a generating turbine has been placed. In low water this is a very serious obstacle to migrating fish if generation is taking place.

At East Linton there is a natural waterfall falling into a large and very deep pool. It does not seem to present much difficulty for fish which could probably negotiate the fall in almost any water conditions. Just downstream is Preston Mill, where water is diverted into another lade, this time to drive a traditional water wheel.

Just upstream of the tidal reach at Tynninghame there is Knowes Mill Weir. This was probably the most serious obstacle on the river but improvements in 2004 by East Lothian Angling Association now allow fish upstream under most water conditions. Fish can easily pass when there is enough water this area.

River Level Data provided by SEPA for the Tyne at East Linton, Tyne at Nungate and Tyne at Spilmersford

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