The River Forth, or that part known as the Old Forth, is about 38km long as the crow flies, but taking the crooks and bends into consideration flows for 72km before it meets the River Teith at Stirling to form the River Forth proper.

The Old Forth has two principal tributaries to the West of Aberfoyle; the Chon and the Duchray. The Water of Chon system has its source some 600m above sea level. It flows through Lochs Chon and Dhu, thence falling quickly to Loch Ard. The Avon Dhu (Black River) drains Loch Ard and meets the Duchray Water about 500m down-stream of the loch. Loch Chon is north of the Highland Boundary fault-line.

The Duchray Water is a substantial stream which rises some at 900m above sea level high on the slopes of Cruinn a’ Bheinn to the North of Ben Lomond. It flows east for about 15km to meet the Avon Dhu. There is a significant waterfall of about 9m in height on the fault-line, about 4.5km upstream of the junction with the Avon Dhu. This obstruction bars the passage of migratory fish.

From Aberfoyle, the Old Forth flows in an easterly direction to Stirling falling just 24m over a 56km stretch. As the river falls to the Carse, it becomes very slow with wide meanders and is of somewhat limited use for fishing, although there are a few favoured spots where many fish are taken each year. About 3km downstream of Aberfoyle the Forth is joined by the River Kelty. This stream is the only other major tributary of the Old Forth and is of fine tumbling character; though it has a set of falls where it crosses the fault-line. From this point downstream most of the tributaries are small and flow out of the Fintry and Gargunnock Hills, to enter the Forth on the right bank. The one exception is the Goodie Water, which drains out of the Lake of Menteith and flows eastwards to meet the Forth just south of Coldoch on the left bank of the river. The river becomes slow and muddy as it meanders through Flanders Moss, Blairdrummond Moss and Drip Moss to meet the River Teith just west of Stirling.

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