The Aquaculture and Fisheries (Scotland) Act 2013 came into force on 16th September 2013 and placed a number of new responsibilities on District Salmon Fishery Boards, relating to openness and accountability.  The Association of Salmon Fishery Boards have produced some excellent guidance notes, which are available here.

A Code of Good Practice for Scotland’s District Salmon Fishery Boards – Association of Salmon Fishery Boards (Updated 2014)

Annual Report and Accounts

FDSFB Annual Reports can be viewed here

New Members Pack

FDSFB New Members Pack 2016-10

Complaints procedure

FDSFB Complaints Procedure (Version 1.1 dated 23rd May 2014)

Register of relevant financial interests

The Board has a Register of Relevant Financial Interests. A copy can be requested from the Clerk.


All meetings of the Forth District Salmon Fishery Board, including Board Meetings and the Annual Meeting of Qualified Proprietors, are now open to the public as observers, however, some items of the Boards business may require to be taken in private.  Additionally, there will be an Annual Public Meeting where members of the public can participate.

Proposed Meeting Dates 2018

Quarterly Meetings

28th February 2018  Rescheduled for 20th March 2018 due to weather- 6pm – Falkirk Business Hub 

17th May 2018 – drop in session between 3pm and 8pm. Cambusmore Business Units, Keltie Bridge. 

Directions – head along the A84 towards Callander, pass Keltie Bridge caravan park on your right and immediately up from this on the left there is a white post and a left turn.  Take the turn and head through the gates to the last unit on the first row. 

14th August 2018

13th November 2018

Annual Meeting of Qualified Proprietors

 28th February 2018  Rescheduled for 20th March 2018 due to weather- 8pm – Falkirk Business Hub

matters to be considered: apologies for absence, minutes of the 2016 AMQP and actions, accounts 2016/17, annual report

The meeting is to allow representation from qualified proprietors, although members of the public are welcome to the meeting please ensure all representation is via the appropriate route. 

Public Meeting

15th May 2018


The minutes of Board meetings can be viewed below, or hard copies can also be requested from the Clerk.

Please note that future Annual Public Meeting will fall within 3 months of the Annual Meeting of Qualified Proprietors.


FDSFB Policies, Statements and Procedures

FDSFB Clearing Weirs Advisory (October 2013)

Equal Opportunities Statement (Version 1.0 dated 2nd April 2014)

Disclosure Statement (Version 1.0 dated 25th June 2014)

FDSFB Stocking Advisory (dated 24th June 2014)

The use of Seal Scarers to reduce predation within Fisheries (2014)

FDSFB Salmon Fishings Catch Return Form Blank (Sept 2014)



2013 Minutes

Minutes FDSFB 28th October 2013

Annual Meeting of Qualified Proprietors – 28th October 2013 Minutes

Minutes FDSFB 16th December 2013

2014 Minutes

Minutes FDSFB 10th February 2014

Minutes FDSFB 2nd April 2014

Minutes FDSFB Public Meeting 25th June 2014

Minutes FDSFB 25th June 2014

Minutes FDSFB Extraordinary Meeting 30th July 2014

Minutes FDSFB 17th September 2014

Minutes FDSFB 26th November 2014

Draft Minutes of the Annual Meeting of Qualified Proprietors – 26th November 2014

Draft Minutes of the Annual Public Meeting – 26th November 2014

2015 Minutes

FDSFB Meeting Minutes 2015-02-25

FDSFB Meeting Minutes 2015-05-27

FDSFB Meeting Minutes 2015-09-23

FDSFB Meeting Minutes 2015-11-25

FDSFB AMQP Meeting Minutes 2015-11-25

2016 Minutes

FDSFB Meeting Minutes 2016-02-23

FDSFB Meeting Minutes 2016-05-24

FDSFB Meeting Minutes 2016-08-23-draft

FDSFB Meeting Minutes 2016-11-22 QM

FDSFB Meeting Minutes 2016-11-22 AMQP draft

2017 Minutes

FDSFB Meeting Minutes 2017-02-21 QM issued

FDSFB Meeting Minutes 2017-05-31 QM

FDSFB Meeting Minutes 2017-08-22 Issued