Countdown to opening day – 2016’s biggest fish

Countdown to opening for salmon and sea trout fishing in the Forth District..

The heaviest fish caught in the Forth District in 2016 was estimated at 32lbs according to the returns received. It was caught on Blair Drummond Fishery on the Teith.

In total three fish 30lbs or over were reported all from various beats on the Teith.

FDSFB will present a prize at the end of 2017 season for the largest released salmon reported in. Catches can be reported by sending details (preferably with a picture if possible) to the FDSFB using the following methods:

Twitter: @ForthDSFB
Facebook messenger:

The report should include:
Date and time, river (and beat if appropriate), estimated weight, estimated length and your name.

The winner of the prize will be announced at the FDSFB Annual Meeting in November.

Tight lines.