Board members are elected triennially, with the latest elections having taken place in 2016. The legislation is very specific over who may stand for election and who may vote (although all must be proprietors of salmon fishing rights), how many may be elected and how many may represent the lower and upper rivers. There are 6 elected Board members, who subsequently elect one of the nine to be their Chairman. The current Board members are as follows:


Member Elected by Upper Proprietors

  • Ashfield – Crown Estates Commissioners – (represented by mandatory Fiona Simpson)
  • Cambusmore (Cambusmore Estate) – (represented by mandatory Peter Yates)
  • Lanrick (Lanrick Estates) represented by Aly Dickson
  • Leny (Drumardoch Estates) – represented by Tony Cameron
  • Allan (Allan Water Angling  & Improvement Association) – (represented by mandatory John McKenzie)

Members Elected by Lower Proprietors

  • Forth (Stirling Council) – (represented by mandatory Scott Mason)
  • Tennants netsman – To be appointed

Co-Opted Members – Salmon Anglers’ Representatives

  • Chris Thomas
  • Bob Baird
  • Jason Walls

Contact the Salmon Anglers’ Representatives via the shared mailbox.


  • Lee Fisher – Tel. 0131 4451527 (office hours only) or Mob. 07887 835549 (all times)