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Conservation Codes

The Forth District Salmon Fishery Board issue conservation codes at the beginning of each year. Click below to find this years conservation codes.

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The Forth District Salmon Fishery Board was established under the 1862 and 1868 Salmon Fisheries Legislation, then subsequently amended in the Salmon Act 1986 and the Salmon Conservation (Scotland) Act 2001.  This legislation has been recently amalgamated under the Salmon and Freshwater Fisheries (Consolidation) (Scotland) Act 2003.

The Board is empowered under legislation to take such acts as it considers expedient for the protection and conservation of stocks of Salmon and Sea Trout.  

The Duties of the Forth District Salmon Fishery Board as set out by the act are as follows:


  • To appoint a Clerk;
  • To maintain a list of proprietors within the DSFBs district;
  • To produce an annual report and audited accounts and to consider these at an AGM; and
  • To call a triennial electoral meeting.

The Board is responsible for more than 3,600 km2 of water within the district, the area not only includes the mainstem of the River Forth, the estuary and coast, but also the tributaries. These include, but not limited to: Beil, Tyne, Esk, Water of Leith, Almond, Avon, Carron, Forth, Teith, Allan, Devon, Black Devon, Leven and coastal burns. The full extent of the Boards range can be seen in the interactive map below. 

Fishing Season in the Forth

The salmon fishing season in the Forth District runs from the 1st February until the 31st October. Some rivers however do not open until the 15th March so please check with your local permit provider to find out when individual fisheries open. 

Poaching in the Forth

If you spot salmon or sea trout poaching within the Forth District please contact the Boards Superintendent on 07887 835549 .  

Interactive Map

Below is an interactive map of the Forth District. Please click on the double arrows in the top left corner to see the different layers of information which can be viewed.